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Black Angus and the big steak idea


If he could lay out great ranch-style steaks, he thought, at a price nobody had to worry about, in a place where anybody and everybody could lean back and enjoy themselves, then maybe they'd come back and try it again. That year, he opened the first Black Angus Steakhouse.

At the time, when a steakhouse meant a stuffy place where you spent a week's paycheck, the idea seemed a bit wobbly. But it took, and we've stuck to it. Since 1964 Black Angus has served a lot of great steak to a lot of hungry Guests in a comfortable setting that's easy to be at and hard to leave.

 Steaks are not just our heritage, they are our passion.


Before they're served, we carefully hand-cut them to get to the freshest, tastiest beef. We grill them over an open flame to sear in that under-the-stars, over-the-campfire flavor. Just before they come off the fire, we brush them with our own seasoned butter to give them the extra richness that separates our steaks from the other guys.

Steaks, The Black Angus Way


  • CENTER-CUT FILET MIGNON. This is an elegantly lean, naturally tender cut with subtle richness and fine-grain texture.
  • CENTER-CUT NEW YORK STRIP. Hearty and robust, this cut has a lock on the balance of flavor, texture, and tenderness.
  • RIBEYE. If you Really love steak…. Ribeye is tender, juicy, and by most folks' accounts, the most flavorful of all steaks.
  • TOP SIRLOIN. This is one of those best of both world cuts. It's lean and firm, with a bold meaty flavor. 
  • PRIME RIB. A Black Angus specialty. Seasoned and seared to seal in the juiciness and flavor. Then slow-roasted 'til it is melt-in-your-mouth tender.
Black Angus Steakhouse

We know man does not live by steak alone, so you can team your steak up with lobster tail or grilled prawns or fried shrimp. Or go with some terrific chicken or salmon or salads or sandwiches. Once you make the tough decision on the entrée, your work is still not done. You get to choose from a large list of craveable classic sidekicks, like a wedge salad, a loaded baked potato or green beans sautéed with bacon, to name just a few. Pick any two you want. There's almost too many choices. It's the Black Angus Way.